In many countries, professional engineers are called Chartered Engineers. The details of registration vary from country to country. In UK Chartered Engineer are Professional Engineering MSc Graduates with 7 years experience.

Chartered Engineers are usually degree-qualified and have spent at least 7 years in professional practice. Engineering Council-UK carries out its own Professional Interview & Presentation process about Papers submission before CEng license is Conferred to MSc Engineering Graduates from UK Accredited University

We provide the chartered engineering services in new projects like valuation of plant & machinery, Energy Audit etc.We also do carry out Pre Shipment Inspection,CE Marking for multi discipline Engineering equipments.

As a qualified Professionals and Independent Chartered Engineers, we have specialized in the field of issuing certificates as required by companies in the Export - Import and License work.Eur Ing Bishnujee Singh is Licensed with Engineering Council-UK as Registered Chartered Engineer and European Engineer with FEANI ,Brussels.Mr.Singh is MSc Advance Engineering Graduate from Sheffield Hallam University in UK and also Graduate of Royal Aeronautical Society,London.Mr.Singh is also Fellow of Engineers Australia as well as CPEng (Chartered Professional Engineer) with Engineers Australia.Mr Singh is also registered as APEC Engineer on APEC Register and Int PE (Aust) besides being Professional Engineer (PE) on NPER Register.

Some of the applications include certification of advance license Application, EPCG License Application, Duty Drawback Statements, Consumption Certificates, Utilization Certificates, Wastage Certificates, Manufacturing Process Certificates, Certificates required by Customs, Banks and Financial Institutions.

The Technical Report is a common written form us, which communicate our findings for a given project. Each Technical Report should have a focused topic that is developed logically along some clearly identified perspective.

The major components of a Technical Report are title, author information, informative abstract, body, acknowledgments, references, keywords, and appendices. Typically, the body is organized into four sections: motivation, methods, results, and discussion. This document offers advice and specifications for projects.

Cayley Aerospace Inc  is the service provider of Consultancy and Technical Report for future development work of a Project. This service includes project reports, viability reports etc.

We have done various studies like Viability Study Report, Depreciation Study Report and Techno-economical Study Report etc.

While making a technical report we consider different parameters like Construction Policies, Government Policies and Support, Financial Structure, Infrastructure Management, Time Management, Manpower Management and all other related parametric quantity

Cayley Aerospace Inc is DGFT Government of India Approved Pre Shipment Inspection Agency and US Federal Government Approved Corporation based in Seattle ,Washington,USA supporting clients in USA ,Canada,Mexico,Brazil,Central ,South America .Besides Cayley Aerospace Inc subsidiaires Cayley Engineering UK Limited team support UK & European team Pre Shipment Inspection of metals,machineries and other items exported to India and other common wealth countries.Cayley Aerospace Inc provides also clients in China,Hong Kong with our staff based in Suzhou,Jiangsu,PR China,Shenzen,China and Australian team based in Sydney,Australia.Cayley Aerospace Inc has subsidiary branch in Cairo ,Egypt.

All PSI support request must be sent to Cayley Aerospace Inc ,USA Head office for such support services.Cayley Aerospace Inc is one of the largest provider of PSI Certificate services in USA and  other continents.Cayley Aerospace Inc has more than hundreds of customer base in India,China,Europe,USA ,Canada,Australia and South America.


for USCIS Immigration Services for USA,UK,Germany,European Union,Australia,NZ and Middle East region.
Cayley Aerospace Inc team has best success rate among Credential Evaluators and Expert Opinion Letter for US Immigration Services,Germany ,UK,Australia and Middle East region.We have hundreds of AMIE,AeSI,IETE,ICE,IME Graduates successfully qualified under EB2 with USCIS Immigration Services.

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